Sweet Temptations Fall Fundraiser

cookie_flyerOur Fall Fundraiser kicks off on Friday, September 12th.  Order packets will be going home with the students on Friday.  Orders are due back on Monday, September 29th.  Orders will be delivered to the school for pickup on Wednesday, October 29th.

This is our primary fundraiser for the year.  The fundraiser supports many activities at the school, including the Enrichment Clusters, Teacher Resources, Classroom Support and Programs.   Don’t forget that there are many products that you can order online, and you can send emails to family and friends about ordering online, and the school will get credit for every order. Send emails and collect prizes!


Hooray for Hippos!!!!  The more items you sell, the more hippos you collect!


For your convenience, you can also visit our online store at

our online code is 2023

Be sure to register your student(s) online, then send out emails to friends and family that live both near and far. We would love to have emails sent to at least 40 different states and have friends and family from around the nation help support our school!

IMPORTANT: Online orders

  • Will be shipped directly to the customer’s home
  • Can ONLY be placed online – Do NOT order online items on the paper order form
  • Count towards items sold for prizes

All Prizes Are Accumulative

Hey moms and dads, check out all the great prizes your kids can win on the I Believe Prize Envelope. Win the first prize for selling just 1 item in our fundraiser. Then win another prize at 5 items, 10, 15, 20, 25, 35, 50, 65, 85, and 100 items sold. The more you sell, the more they will win. These prizes will be delivered with the products on October 29th.


You can win these in addition to those above!

  • 6 items   VIP Card for a No Homework Pass
  • 12 items Light up Drinking Glass
  • 18 items   Ride to McDonalds in a Hummer Limo – siblings only need to sell 5 more items
  • 24 items   Inflatable Tennis Shoes
  • 30 items   15 More HIPPOS
  • 40 items   Be the PRINCIPAL for a Day
  • 60 items   Your choice of a Wall Climbing Truck or a Lava Lamp
  • 70 items   Choice of a Hello Kitty Doll with Blanket or an 18’ Plush Snake


  • Send 5 emails about our fundraiser and receive a fake mustache to wear at school.
  • Sell 2 items online and win a light up flashing mustache ring.